Hog Hunting in Georgia

Dinner is a treat!

Dinner is a treat!Springtime – and it’s getting GREEN. Not that it ever gets that bad in this part of Georgia, but…  We went to visit the folks at Gum Log Plantation over in Abbeville GA the other week.  We had a blast.  The place is huge and we’ve got to confess, we were pretty impressed.

The plantation house, enormous guest house in other words, is done completely in local pine and absolutely amazing. Really gives that homey sort of feel to the location. I can easily hold groups in the 20 or so range and believe it was 8 bedrooms or so. Not only is the actual property huge, but so is the house. Even with 20 people floating about, it’s not like you’re going to be crowded – trust us. Bland and Cary say that it is more typically smaller groups which come in and not necessarily the 20 individuals groups. Group hunts of 4-12 are fairly common.

Big Hog Hunting Areas

When you come on to the property, you’re struck by just HOW much space you have to roam around on. They say on their website that they have, I believe, like 3000 acres or something huge, but you can’t really appreciate JUST how big the hunting areas are until they start running you around the place.

Jump in the back of a truck and get the go-round of the entire property. Feed fields – they do hog and deer hunting here so you’ve got your choice depending on time of year. If you’re interested or inclined you may also do some fishing. Regular fields as well as plenty of areas that are forested. Merely so much property. If you’re a hunter, you value the outdoors – and you may not be disappointed here. You can roam around for days in the event that you would like, without seeing anything but nature.

Hunters Love Coming Back

It’s possible for you to roam away by yourself if you desire – especially if you have been here before. Cary said they do have a lot of returning visitors year after year. Daddies and sons, families, corporate outings. He mentioned the guys from Glock come down here. A lot of people from Raleigh. Cary owns another business started here in Georgia, Ocmulgee Concrete Services, that is headquartered in Raleigh NC. They end up with several groups because of that.

The food is great. The brothers do some cooking that is amazing. We’d some wrapped pork tenderloins. Delicious. Merely great down home cooking.  A big ol’ spread of food – particularly for the dinners. Family style. Big table. BIG food!

Simply can’t say enough about this place. Definitely worth a trip to their website. If you’re going anywhere near Abbeville GA and are up for some ga hog hunts, we really have to give a nod to the men over at Gum Log. Give them a call and tell ’em where you heard about them!

Best Hog Hunting Place In Georgia


Aside from looking for a best hog hunting place in Georgia, a hog hunter should consider the best time to hunt. A number of hunters consider the month of January to be the best time, as the cold weather allows them to easily walk through the woods. In the recent years, hunters have used GPS tracking devices and attached it to their vehicles when they go out hunting, as it is best serve to save the place they have found to be the best to hunt for hogs. Several hog hunters have gathered and shared their experiences.

The northwest part of Georgia is proven to be quite the challenge and is perfect for skilled hunters. Hunters have shared that as of late, the places that used to be where hogs always populate and gather have grown smaller, especially at the John’s Mountain Trail. They complained about how there is so little feral hogs to hunt. But this is not to be a depressing case.

There are still places worth the hunt, and if hunters follow the information they have gathered correctly, they will eventually reach the places that are traditionally hunted for feral hogs. One of the is the Hidden Creek. This occupies a huge block in the southern area of WMA. Traditionally speaking, the southern part of WMA has always been where most of the hogs are gathered. Other information include the Cohutta. And this is only applicable if you do not mind putting more legwork.

Hog-Hunt-e1315359968355Some hunters are concerned whether the feral hogs’s population is getting smaller from being hunted too much. It turns out that it is not the case, as there is a regulation being uphold by the ones who are overseeing the properties. They have given good advices to look for hogs to hunt. Aside from going to the southern area, hogs also gather around creek drains. Cohutta and John’s Mountain are often compared, since you can find hogs in these areas, too. It happens on different occasions, but you will likely find feral hogs in these areas.

Cohutta is proven to be the place that you can never miss a feral hog, while John’s Mountain seems to be the opposite. Rather than filled with hogs, almost the entire area is empty, and you will have to spend a lot of time finding a hog. This could be worth a hunting area for those who would a little adventure, without any aim of actually getting a hog. Other places such as Conasauga and Sumac Creek comes to mind of many hunters if they are looking for traditional places to hunt feral hogs. Cohutta seems to be a popular place for hunting feral hogs that are under-pressured, making it easier to hunt them as you pull the trigger right away.

But sometimes Cohutta can give various changes to the behavior of the feral hogs. For example, when food sources change for the hogs to consume, they can be quick about moving from one area to another. What you think was their best place for eating their food source can change the next time you visit the place. Experts advise that it is best ot go out and find the freshest signs possible. Pine Log Mountain also offers some hogs and its population is quite stable.

Hunters kill for the feral hogs at the Oak Street, East Valley or the dove fields. They can even chase them up to the mountains. Experts also agree that hunting for feral hogs is quite a challenge and leave it all up to luck because they move around so much. There is no pattern on how they are going to behave when moving around.